Social networks and blogs are no longer a place where we merely upload photos from a family holiday in Thailand, whine about the weather or brag about the Prime Minister. It’s an actual, professional work tool. Just as in this day in age everyone must be able to speak English, same rules applies to communicating well on blogs and social networks – everybody needs to learn to verbalize themselves, their dreams, aspirations and professional activity online.

Blogs and social networks are an essential work tool even if you are not a marketing or a business person.

After I managed to utilize the success of The List Blog and turn it into a professional tool which yielded me over NIS1,000,000 (from advertising, crowd-funding, book sales, lectures in Israel and world-wide as well as other products), I’d like to invite you to a day-long seminar, in which I will share with you the knowledge I’ve acquired about the DNA of writing for blogs and social networks.

In this six-hour long seminar (including a few short and one long breaks), I will share the basics of online writing, which you will be able to utilize immediately!


Topics covered in the seminar:

V          Venture out into the world! An opportunity to spread your professional and personal statement

V          What to write and what not to write on Facebook?

V          How do we bypass the fear of exposure, or the fear of over-sharing?

V          What is the DNA of a brilliant post?

V          Building an online persona

V          coming up with a unique and original concept for your blog

V          Allowing new users to discover you online

V          Finding your own personal message and particular voice.

V          Increasing revenues by using direct and indirect advertising, and developing byproducts

V          Realizing your dream


Bonus: each participant gets a signed copy of The List

Participants share their experience:

“At this point in time on my personal journey, I realized writing was a big passion, as well as a tool given to me to share with others. This realization led me to follow Yuval, and I was fascinated by this wonderful seminar. It gave me practical tools, which I was able to utilize immediately. It was a day of focused learning, realizations and precision, followed by big doses of inspiration in a warm, pleasant and homey atmosphere”.


“Think of the worst thing that could happen to you, now triple it, and you might come close to what I have been through in the past year. I faced some of the hardest situation anyone can experience, survived it and moved on. Much of it thanks to a completely random meeting with Yuval Abramovitz’ book The List, which helped me find a renewed sense of motivation, re-awoke my forgotten dreams, and helped me feel happy again. Today I had the privilege of attending this seminar, and I came out of it feeling even more rejuvenated and excited. I love learning new things and enrich my knowledge, and came out of the seminar with a bag full of new tools, which I am sure I will carry with me for the rest of my life. If you have an idea you want to promote such as a business, a book or a blog, put some time aside and attend the seminar. Yuval really knows what he’s talking about, and you have so much to learn from him”.


“Another happy day in my life. Have just attended Yuval Abramovitz’ “Shout Out Your Words, Shout Out Your presence” seminar. An amazing, humane, and inspirational man. Yuval certainly lives by the saying “There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going”.


“Yuval you are a creative, generous being. I find your ability to exhibit a multitude of talents, a sense of liberation, humor and cheerfulness, deeply inspiring”.


“I greatly enjoyed the seminar. I loved the fact that the space was very cozy and inviting, and the material was taught in a light, informal and relaxed manner”.


For more details or to book your place please contact Einat at