The List – Performance of Your Dreams

It’s part play, part lecture – it’s a plecture!!!

 “The List contains concrete and accessible tools that can assist all men and women in turning their dreams into reality. The list urge people to think outside the box, to dare, to believe that it is all possible”

Reuven Rivlin. President of the State of Israel 

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In 2001, actor, media personality, international lecturer and author Yuval Abramovitz, found a piece of paper in his study with an old list of dreams and goals he had once written down. He looked at the list of dreams and wondered why he had fulfilled some of them without any problems and yet others were still stuck in neutral. After he had collected answers from his family, his friends, friends of his friend’s friends and all his FB friends, he decided to try an experiment: to write a new list of dreams and post it around the world. A few weeks later he launched a blog (personal diary on the Internet) called “The List”, in which he published 10 things he wanted to achieve in 400 days.

What happened the next day was something he hadn’t expected…

Overnight the whole world had responded to his list – from Israel to the USA and even Iraq, Rwanda and Iran. Abramovitz’s list of dreams began to move around like wildfire. Soon thousands of people began to make lists of dreams, inspired by Abramovitz’s list, and things began to happen to them.

[youtube video=”” allowfullscreen=”true” autohide=”ברירת המחדל” controls=”תמיד”][youtube video=”” allowfullscreen=”true” autohide=”ברירת המחדל” controls=”תמיד”]

In a fascinating, accurate, thought-provoking, polished and hilarious stage performance – the actor (Our Song, The Octet and more), media personality, author and entrepreneur Yuval Abramovitz introduces the book “The List” and provides an effective toolbox that spurs those who hear him to get up and into immediate action while the show is still going on. In the middle of the show, Abramovitz asks the audience to make lists, teaches them to shout out their dreams and even encourages them to share these dreams with the rest of the audience – this often leads to extraordinary, magical moments.

The List, claimed by many who’ve seen it to be a “life-changing event”, is a moving and thought-provoking show full of insights, magic, humor, values and improvisation. The dynamic performance integrates the audience and creates a new discourse among family members, friends and work colleagues. More than 100,000 people have become familiar with The List in Israel and around the world, and Abramovitz was swiftly invited to stand on the international TED stage and tell his story in the formatted framework of only 18 minutes.

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The book, “The List” – written following the blog launch and lecture circuit – was published in Israel and quickly became a best-seller, reaching 12th place on books sold through AMAZON. “The List” is now being published around the world, including China, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, the USA, Australia, the U.K. and more.

  Among the companies and organizations exposed to the contents of “The List”: Elbit, Mizpeh Hayamim Hotel, Orange, Pelephone, Maccabi, Kupoat Holiim Clalit, Teachers Union, Cisco Israel, Nice, Delta, Tel Aviv Municipality, Ashkelon Municipality, Hogla-Kimberley, General Electric, Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, Bank Discount, hi-tech companies, universities, colleges, the Prime Minister’s office, Israel Railways, the Jewish Agency, Global Maccabee, HP, elementary schools, high schools, etc.

Lectures have taken place in Israel, the USA, England, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Australia, etc. The lectures range from one to two hours in length (in accordance with needs) and can be given in Hebrew or English.

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“The List works! It will change your life and is a lot of fun. Read it and do it! Give it to your family and your team”

Robert Shemin, NY Times best selling autor and Wealth coach

Yuval knows there is nothing more important than sharing your dreams and he is a world-class expert in teaching you exactly how to do it now.

Marcia Wieder, best-selling author and CEO, Dream University

“The List is not a self-help book, but a call for action. It’s a call that comes from a big heart and without even a hint of condescendence”

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