Talking Dreams

Come and share your dreams in an intimate and powerful event.

Meet, chat, consult, advise and make connections.


The List Dinner is an intimate, unique, original and powerful gathering, designed for twelve guests only.

Who are the guests? The guest list is revealed on the night of the event, which is held at Yuval Abramovitz’ private back yard. One thing is for certain, it is always a bunch of wonderful, fascinating and wide-hearted people, who are happy to help each other in whatever they can.

The List Dinner is a wonderful opportunity to leave the virtual world and r e a l l y make new friends.

In the dinners events held so far, quite a few friendships were formed, as well as personal relationships and even professional transactions.

Hotel Norman, Nachmani Street, Tel Aviv

The Norman 03


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So how does it actually work?

The List Dinner is four-hours long. During the evening:

V          Participants introduce themselves

V          Food is served (a yummy, nutritious vegetarian meal!)

V          Everyone drinks

V          And write their lists

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And then, each participant gets a set amount of time to share his or her dreams, while the other participants offer help and advice from their personal and professional experience.

In each dinner event, Yuval hosts an inspirational guest who is there to share their advices and insights with the rest of the dreamers. The first guest was Marcia Wieder, a world renowned American mentor, an advisor to three American presidents, author of fourteen best-sellers and a guest host on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Alongside Marcia was Daphni Leef, leader of the Israeli Occupy movement demonstrations and Doron Liebstein, founder of Coaching Interactive, Elia Alon-Cohen, a mentor and founder of crowd-funding campaign website Jumpstarter, and others.

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