Three months after winning the Miss Northern Israel beauty contest, Yael Weiss arrives in the big city, hoping to become Tel Aviv’s new It-Girl. Meanwhile, her life is at a complete standstill; she’s unemployed, lives with a good-looking yet utterly disinterested roommate, knits scarves out of sheer desperation, and smokes herself to death as the money her parents gave her is about to run out.

After a one-night stand with the right person, Yael gets her foot in the door as the News Channel’s new Cultural Reporter. But while researching her next item, she finds herself reporting a live suicide bomb attack. Soon enough, Yael is showered with compliments, and the city’s hottest items begin to flow her way. On top of all that, a new love affair sweeps her off her feet. But as time passes, Yael realizes that all these surprising, exhilarating events and the fame she’s landed, may not be all that real.

Yael Weiss Reporting, Tel Aviv is a thrilling, witty and entertaining mystery novel, taking place in the heart of a TV News Channel, exposing the underbelly of the TV industry – the rating race, and the people who will do just about everything to succeed.

The book can be purchased at Steimatzky, Booknet Online or directly via the website.

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